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Guide to Mixing Fresh Breast Milk and Stored

The amount of milk that comes out every milk is generally not always the same. Sometimes there are a few, can also overflow. To save storage, nursing mothers can really unite or mix new breast milk with what has been stored. How to? Come, see the following review. Expressing milk is more often done by working mothers, because they are not next to the baby at all times, so they cannot breastfeed immediately when the baby is hungry. In addition, breast milk must be routinely removed so that the breast does not swell and can prevent mastitis. The milking routine of breast milk can also increase its production so that the baby can get enough breast milk. Can Mixing Fresh Mother's Milk with What's Stored? The answer is fine. However, there are some things that nursing mothers should pay attention to, namely: Wash hands before pumping or milking breast milk. The goal is that breast milk is not contaminated by breast milk by germs, so it is safe given to the Little One. When y
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7 Steps to Overcome Nerve Clamps during Pregnancy

Does Pregnant Woman ever feel pain on one side of the leg or buttocks? Or, feel difficulties when walking or sitting? Could be a symptom of nerve pain during pregnancy. Don't worry, Pregnant Woman, because there are several ways you can do to overcome the discomfort caused by this. Discomfort due to nerve cramps is one of the complaints that are often experienced during pregnancy, especially in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. Parts of nerves that often experience pinching are usually in the lower back. Causes of Nerve Clamps in Pregnant Women Some of the symptoms that usually occur when pregnant women experience nerve pain are pain in one side of the leg or buttocks, difficulty when walking or sitting, legs feel numb, and legs feel weak. During pregnancy, nerve clamps can be triggered by increased hormone relaxin production. This increase in hormones causes the connecting bones between (ligaments) to become more lax. When the ligaments are loosened, one of the n

Infertile or Not, Make Sure of the Fertility Test

Infertility is a medical condition that can occur in anyone, both men and women. Almost all newly married couples want to have children soon. However, not all couples can be that lucky. Check out what is barren and the tests needed to test it. Women are often blamed if a partner cannot have offspring. In fact this is not always true. As many as 30-40 percent of infertility cases come from men, then another 40 percent from women. The rest, as much as 20-30 percent is a combination of fertility problems of the two. What Is Infertility? The World Health Organization (WHO) states, infertility or infertility is a disorder in the reproductive system where there is a failure to reach pregnancy after having sexual intercourse without contraception for 12 consecutive months. Primary infertility occurs when a partner has never had a child at all, while secondary infertility is a failure to have the next child after the first child. Various things can be the cause of this infertility, incl